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They say: Enjoy the pleasure of lavender garden as a light summer breeze wafts your cares away.

[Ka-fuh]: the scents of blossoms in the wind.
[Ka-fuh]: is made from selected natural organic ingredients by incense craftsmen.

We say: When you smell these sticks in the packet you can smell real lavender, not a perfumed imitation, and this is refreshing. The smoke is light, dry, unobtrusive and delicate. When burning you are not so much getting the smell of lavender you would get if you rubbed your hands on a lavender flower, and smelt them. This is the smell of burning lavender, which has been used by many cultures as a means of cleansing and relaxation. Lavender can be used to help integrate your spirituality and your everyday life, and may help you connect to the idea that everything we do is sacred. It’s most outstanding attribute seems to be that of restoring balance.

Number of sticks: Approximately 120 sticks.
Stick length: Approximately 14 cms.
Burn time per stick: About 25 minutes.
Country of origin: Made in Japan.