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Woody Mainichikoh Sandalwood

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The spicy aroma helps warm up the body, creating a good posture before starting work
There is no bamboo base in incense, absolutely no worries about incense
Use when you think, relax, read, listen to music, relax
Very little smoke when burning

Mainichikoh Sandalwood is made of sandalwood, is one of the most characteristic scent of Japan and has been popular for a long time since 1912. It is a luxurious product line with many precious sandalwood. The sweet, gentle scent brings peace in the minds of those who enjoy it.

Mainichikoh Sandalwood – This is a choice as a unique gift for someone special to you. The incense box is elegantly designed.

The scent can make your normal day special.The fragrance is also very easy to use, just burning incense will make your special person happy, making your important customers happy, making the family atmosphere warm and soon.

A mild scent suitable for relaxation, deodorizing food, deodorizing on rainy days or when guests come home. Also use while you rest, drink tea, read books, meditate or practice Yoga.

Number of sticks: Approximately 400 sticks.
Burning time per stick: About 25 minutes.
Country of origin: Made in Nippon Kodo Vietnam.
Box Size: 91 x 155 x 35mm